This festival started in 2007.
"BAKENEKO"(its kind of japanese ghost) meaning "Goblin cat". this festival is mix of halloween event and cat cosplay.
People ask "why just cat?" the answer is related to this place.

Kagurazaka is a place related to a japanese famous writer "Soseki-Natsume" His book "I am a cat"was read by a lot of people.
We combined Halloween and Cat to make this fastival.
Both adults and children, dress up in cute costumes.
On this day the shops and neighbork knouw that BAKENEKO will come.
Some shops will give you a warm welcome.
Also BAKENEKO can receive some present or service.

From 2pm, there will be a parade in the main street.
Please gather around "Matoi" the same color as your tag.
and From 3pm, "Anya-Dance" will start its a Japanese traditional dance "Awa Odori" but the cat festival version.

its a your tag! So don't lose it, OK?
They are "MATOI"
From 2pm, there will be parade!
Enjoy your CAT halloween!


Oct. 14thsun
Reception 10:00~13:50
Parade 14:00~15:00
Distribution of numbered tickets
for Cat Makeup
(※limited quantity)
Events 10:00~17:00
Street performance 12:00~
Anya-dance 15:00~
Finale 17:00

Participation fee

Adults 500円
Children Free

※junior high school student or under
※children (under junior high school student ) only can't participate. The participation of a parent or a guardian(over 18 years old) is needed.

Popular servise

Cat makeup(for Kids)

Easy and quick kitten face.about 5~10 minutes are necessary.

500 yen

Cat makeup(for Adults)

High quality cat face make up by special makeup artists.about 10~15 minutes are necessary.

1,000 yen

Kimono Rental and Dressing

2,500 yen

bookings is essential (japanese text only)

  • Distribution of numbered tickets for cat Makeup. (※Limited quantity)
  • Only participants can receive this service.
  • Please avoid this activity some skin allergy or trouble.

Rules & Manners

When you participate you must agree to…

・Wear a cat costume.
・Allow photos with your cat costume.

we welcomes people who want to enjoy wear various types of "CAT" costumes and attires.
If, however, any of the following rules and restrictions are not followed, guests may be asked to leave or be prevented from entering the festival.

  • Photography is prohibited inside headquarters area.
  • Participations aren't permitted to drink on the street in paladetime..
  • You need pay participation fee thay day at the reception. we accept only japanese yen.
  • Children (under junior high school student ) only can't participate.The participation of a parent or a guardian(over 18 years old) is needed
  • may not be admitted to the park if wearing costumes that may offend public order and morals, or violate public decency laws (such as face paint and excessive skin exposure deemed unfit for the festival).
  • Items that resemble weapons (including toys and handmade items) and or other objjct more than 1m long cannot be brought in the festival.
  • Attire and accessories that may pose a danger to other guests and crew members are not allowed.
  • For the purpose of crime prevention within the festival, attire that have the possibility of inciting trouble are not allowed.
  • Please refrain from dangerous actions that may hinder the operation of performans and event, as well as troublesome behavior that may frighten other pedestrians.
  • Please refrain from any photography or filming that may be bothersome to other people , any activity requiring you to occupy a space for a long period of time thereby causing a hindrance to the festival operation, changing costumes inside bathrooms, or occupying mirror spaces for applying makeup.